The Client’s Expectations for a Fitness Program

The Client’s Expectations from an Outdoor Functional Fitness Program

A personal trainer working at a functional fitness program can be simply defined, as a person who helps people to undertake exercise. From this simple definition, you will find that there are various complex problems which may arise when looking at the health and lifestyle of several individuals. You will find out that there are different pfitness trainingeoples who present themselves in different sizes and shapes and even majority of them dream to look differently and also beautiful. In recent times, apart from being beauty, the need for individuals to remain fit and healthy has been beckoning on various minds of many individuals in the recent times. This has reemphasized the need for you as an individual to have or rather to seek for services of a professional trainer. Get the scoop for functional fitness with Functional Fitness Courses in Sydney.

In the most standard gyms and health studios, you will find that they have employed personal trainers who are in charge of providing services to clients just within their studio premises. You will also find out that some of the fitness instructors, are able to offer services to their clients be it in their homes or even just as part of the private sessions. As a fitness instructor working at functional fitness gym you are expected to posses complete knowledge in regard to the various types of workouts, be able to understand the preference and requirements of the client and even suggest to them best suitable activity that will be very helpful for them to reach their goal.

The trainer is expected to improve the various exercising techniques. In the recent past, there have been latest trends which have been able to enter the practice and by knowing these aspects will be very good for the trainer to nourish and at the same time create workout which are interesting. The basic aspects in regard to the nutrition of a client are also expected to be carried out by the trainer.

The laws for functional fitness, requires a trainer to have the adequate certification and before such a trainer engages in any work, first should have undergone a complete training via a fitness organization which has got good reputation. When one or more of these aspects becomes applicable, then you will have to look for a professional trainer and most preferably in Sydney.

  • So as to avoid workout monotony
  • To have a proper balance in your schedule.
  • To gain motivation
  • So as to get to yourself imposed limits
  • Be able to understand the most effective way of working out.
  • When you are not realizing the intended results even after consistently working out.
  • So as to heal or not to aggravate any injury or illness when working out.

In the recent times, the market has been demanding many personal trainers to get into specialization of a certain aspect. This is due to the fact that majority of the experts, are knowledgeable in nearly all activities. So, for a trainer to gain an upper hand on the other professional instructors, one is needed to poses a specialty certification. You will find out that there are various benefits that a trainer is in a position to offer. Professional trainers helps individuals asses their abilities and needs, help their client in adjusting their postures plus motion so as to get the desired results, they also demonstrate the right workouts that their clients should be able to undertake, they shows clients on how to utilize the various available equipments and machines so as to avoid monotony, also they are able to reduce or add difficulty levels on the clients program and so on.

As you will realize, there are various times that one is able to lose track on his or her progress that has been achieved so far or to know if under indulgence has occurred or not. By seeking services of a professional fitness trainer, he will be able to give you help in how you can put your things on track and at the same time be able to ascertain various further steps which may be needed.

You will be able to achieve your goals with ease just by having the services of a professional fitness trainer especially if he or she comes from functional fitness gym. These specialties usually have got a reputation of offering best services while in that city.

Motivation With Kettlebell Training

Kettlebell courses will help to motivate you to make it easier for you lose weight. An Eastern Suburbs boot camp you will be guided in fun and enjoyable physical activities. Also, you will be educated about health tips related to weight loss and exercise. In addition, your boot camp eastern Suburbs instructor will help you to keep up a positive attitude so you can easily lose weight and keep it off.

Your kettlebell instructor cares about you and the progress you are making in losing weight. kettlebellAfterall, the training program is created for you: the client. You and your health is the number one priority.

At a fitness bootcamp, you can get rid of stress, get a better night’s sleep from exercising, set realistic weight loss goals, and learn to love yourself with the improvements you will be seeing in your fitness levels and physique.

The foundation for your kettlebell workout program is the sound medical knowledge of your fitness boot camp instructor that underlies your physical activities.

At Kettlebell Courses, you will be instructed on lifestyle changes which can improve your health. Eating healthier, exercising, and making these changes a part of your daily routine for the long-run; is the goal of the sound advice presented to you by your instructor at your fitness bootcamp.

One nice aspect of kettlebells is that the exercises can be done outdoors. Exercising outdoors has an invigorating effect. There is nothing more fun than doing sports in nature at fitness classes. Remember to bring along bottled water so that you can drink plenty of water when you get thirsty. It is important to drink enough water, at least 8 glasses, per day. Drinking sufficient water hydrates your body and makes up for water lost due to perspiration.

A relay race is something you don’t want to miss. Your instructor will set up the participants into two relay teams which will be competing against each other. In each group, the participants will be stationed about a field-length apart; ready to pass the baton to a team member. The challenge of this physical activity involves teamwork within your group; and it involves competition with the other relay team. You will want to do your best and run with all your energy in order to be supportive of your group; and at the same time your competitive spirit will motivate you to exceed your self-made barriers in the process of trying to have a competitive advantage over the other relay team.

Additionally, you and your team members will be cheering for members of your relay team which will encourage you and your team members to perform your best in the relay race.

Positive reinforcement is what you can expect at training. When you are positively motivated, exercise and losing weight becomes a breeze.

You can look forward to making a positive impact on your health and your life. You will find that attending a boot camp gives you more energy for doing the things you like to do. If you want to reach your physical fitness and weight loss goals, then sign up for a kettlebell course. Many find that attending fitness Boot Camp early in the morning is a great way to fit in the physical activity you need along with everything else you have to do during the day. Be sure to visit Kettlebell Courses’ FaceBook page for more information

A Personal Trainer’s Guide to Doing Push Ups Correctly

If you are looking for a total-body exercise that works on your lower body and core while increasing your strength, then push-ups are just for you! Being a bodyweight exercise, push-ups can be done anytime, anywhere without requiring any exercise equipment. Moreover, there are hundreds of variations that you can add to make your daily workouts more exciting.

A Dubai personal trainer can show you how to do push-ups correctly so that you derive maximum benefit from this super-effective workout. When choosing a personal trainer certification, you must always look at the reviews to ensure past students are happing with the qualification.

Master the Position Correctly

A pushup is a fairly simple workout involving a few, easy steps. However, it can be deceptively tough; considering the fact that you have to maintain a correct posture throughout. Many people just let their body sag in order to reduce the effort but that just about defeats the purpose. Pushups can be extremely demanding and exhausting even for seasoned workout enthusiasts.

If you have never done pushups before or would like to add variety to your regular pushups, a personal trainer is the one to go to. S/he will show you how to do pushups correctly and also incorporate varieties so that you really enjoy doing this strenuous workout.

Begin in the Plank Position

The first step to a perfect pushup is to attain the high plank position. This means your body should be positioned above the ground as a straight line just like a plank. Both arms should be kept straight and touch the mat with fingers pointing outwards. In fact, it’s your arms that support all your weight in this position.

To attain this position, place both hands firmly on your workout mat; under your shoulders. Depending on how comfortable you are, your hands should ideally be placed slightly wider than the width of your shoulders. Remember to stare straight ahead and not downwards. As your personal trainer will tell you, if you have done the perfect pushup then it’s your chin which should touch the workout mat first and not your nose. If you want to hire a personal trainer, first you must consider the Personal Trainer Dubai prices.

Position the Toes

Your toes provide stability to your body while working out in the plank position. Hence, it is important to place them correctly so as to get maximum leverage. Position feet at a comfortable distance from each other and let the toes touch the mat. Feet can be placed at shoulder-width distance or can be touching each other. However, the wider you keep your feet; the more stability they provide during pushups.

Lower your Body

Keep your arms firm and straight; clench both butt cheeks; brace your abdominal muscles and lower your body steadily from the high plank position. Stop once you are low enough and your elbows make a ninety degree angle.

In the beginning, this is the lowest you might be able to do comfortably. With increasing strength and flexibility; you may aim for lower angles till your chest (but not the face) touches the mat. Always remember to keep butt firmly clenched so that they do not sag or stick out. Also, elbows should be kept close to the body and should not jut out.

Exhale slowly and return to high plank position to complete one pushup.

Benefits of Outdoor Fitness

Outdoor fitness in Gold Coast is becoming increasingly popular for the many health benefits that it offers when set against conventional indoor training programs. However, outdoor fitness does not have to mean haphazard exercising routines. It can also take the form of a well structured training regimen that makes the most of its natural setting. Whatever form of Gold Coast outdoor fitness program you take part in, the benefits of such programs are immense.


  • No special fees for membership

The outdoor environment is free and open to use for everyone and you will not have to spend large amounts of money on special memberships or sophisticated exercising equipment.  Thus, Gold Coast outdoor fitness programs offer you the benefits of a natural environment without being heavy on your pocket.

  • Cleaner and fresher air

The outdoor environment offers a fresher and cleaner atmosphere compared to the indoor setting. Research and studies have shown that indoor air is almost two times as polluted as the air outside. Thus, outdoor fitness Gold Coast programs are beneficial for your health when compared to indoor routines.

  • An everyday dose of Vitamin D

Sunlight supplies the body with vitamin D and hence outdoor exercise is often recommended by various scientists in order to replenish the body’s stores of this vitamin. This fact is of particular importance if you happen to be obese or overweight. Studies have revealed that people who are overweight or obese are nearly twice as likely to have low and deficient amounts of vitamin D in their body.

  • Mental relaxation

Exercising in a serene and natural setting helps relax your mind and soothe your body. The fresh air and the many beauties of nature all serve to create a peaceful environment that no indoor setting can hope to emulate. Thus outdoor fitness in Gold Coast has a meditative effect that helps to exercise your mind.

For all these reasons and more, Gold Coast outdoor fitness programs and routines can bring great benefits to your mind and body. If you find yourself stuck on a fitness and weight loss plateau, then adopting an outdoor training regimen could be just what you need in order to get off of it. Not only does outdoor training offer a change from the monotonous indoor workouts, but it also comes with many advantages that an indoor regimen cannot provide. Thus, an outdoor workout program is very much suited to help you in reaching your health and fitness goals.

Tips to Feel at Ease at Your First Personal Training Class

Are you interested in staying healthy, getting fit and toning your body into a good shape?

While many prefer going for morning walks or prefer doing exercises alone, joining a class in which there are many students will keep you motivated and focused.

You may also develop a healthy competition with one of the other students and that will make sure you don’t give up. More than that, you learn the correct art of doing the exercise from your Bondi personal trainer.


However, attending your exercise classes can be a bit overwhelming, especially, if it is an exercise that you are doing for the first time. So here is a tip that will help you survive your first Bondi personal trainer workout.

Be mentally prepared

It is not going to be easy learning something new. You may not be able to learn the steps, or your body may be too stiff or you are unable to fit in because of your insecurities.

Consequentially, it will affect your ability to learn the exercise and you will lag behind. So, start reading up about the classes that you are going to. If you are learning yoga, then read up or watch videos of different asanas so that you are up and ready to start your new yoga class.

Five Exercise Mistakes to Avoid

Starting an exercise programme is an important way to stay fit and healthy. Being fit you will be more energised, stronger and in general in a happier frame of mind. Staying fit will also help in lowering your chances of contracting chronic ailments like diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

However, you also need to realise that when you start an exercise programme you have to do so with care and avoid many common mistakes people who regularly exercise, make. So having a Dangerously Fit online personal trainer to guide you will be extremely helpful.

personal training

Not doing a warm-up

Warming-up before an exercise routine is very important. It helps to prime the nervous system, not suffer from premature fatigue and skipping heartbeats. A personal trainer will also tell you that warming up will help you to avoid any injury while exercising. Warming up consists of doing light activity which will help you to sweat a bit. Movements like arm circling, walking, squats etc. can be used as warm-up exercises

Do not avoid strength training

Many people think they are too old to do strength training. In actual fact, even if you have reached middle age, it is important to work out your muscles on a regular basis. If you have not followed such an exercise routine when younger, by the time you reach 70 years your tone and muscle strength will be on the decline, and this decline will continue till you are in your 80s.

Strength training as will be advised by a personal training fitness coach helps the muscles to stay strong and elastic; it also helps to build strong tissues, ligaments and tendons and improved muscle tone. This is what helps in the autumn years of life, having the ability to maintain body position because of good connective tissue and muscles. It can also help in preventing Alzheimer’s in later life.

Using a personal trainer

As mentioned above it is wise to use the services of a personal trainer when you want to achieve your fitness goals. The trainer will guide you in an exercise programme that will suit your personally with regard to duration and intensity.

He will also show you the proper techniques when it involves exercises like free weights and squats. A personal trainer will also assist you to keep track of your progress and push you towards achieving your goals. So do not make the mistake of trying to plan and exercise on your own.


Many people think that if they only go for long runs or do aerobics that these exercises are adequate forms for staying fit and healthy. Though such exercising does help, you would need a more effective form of cardiovascular training. If you like running as endurance training, you will need to run for at least one hour. This type of running will put stress on your heart and as a result your muscle will become stronger.

However, overdoing it can have a reverse effect. So instead of just concentrating on running, you should go in for other activities which are safer and which will lead to overall fitness and weight loss.

A Dangerously Fit online personal trainer will advise you that the best way to work out is to exercise at a high intensity level with periods of rest in-between. This type of exercising is known as HIIT (high-intensity training.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Boot Camp

Once you decide to join a Boot Camp you have to be ready to undergo the strict programme applicable. Since the aim is to lose fat, a gruelling schedule of different exercises and strict nutrition plan are in place, both of which promise to help you to reach your goal. In Boot Camp you will also have to adjust to a schedule of team work.

Finding the right boot camp

So the first thing you should do is find a good boot camp run by professionals. Look for a place that is serious about helping people to attain their goals with regard to weight loss. Also check out the team you will be working with – it is important to have a good rapport.

find the right bootcamp

Discuss your training workout

Before you make a serious start at the boot camp, talk to the trainers. Check with them how your goals can be reached. Are they too ambitious? Will you be tempted to give up half way? Knowing what to expect will help you to make an honest start.

Be committed

Once you settle on joining a particular boot camp, you have to get dead serious about your attendance. Whatever the boot camp timings and schedules you need to stick to them seriously. If any other commitments overlap you need to give the boot camp schedules first importance.


Most exercise regimes require a special type of diet which acts in tandem with the exercise routines. In Boot Camp also you will have to follow a strict diet. It will be a nutritional plan which has to be monitored closely more so as the diet will be custom-drawn up for you. So if you deviate from this special diet you will be putting spokes in your boot camp training.

Keep the exercise schedule

Many of the exercises done in boot camp will not be easy. But once you join with the hope of reaching your fitness goals, you must try your best to do all the exercises on the training list. There will be many different types of techniques and some may look too difficult to undergo, but perseverance is the key. Whether you feel comfortable or not, you need to do every exercise and make the most of the challenging programme set out in boot camp.

Building Confidence

Like in any new setup you may feel a bit nervous or out of place when you first join a boot camp. But once you start the exercise routines along with the rest of the group you will begin to settle down. You will meet new fellow trainees you will get a chance to test new skills and all towards your wish to gain weight loss. There is nothing like seeing your body taking shape to help you build up your confidence. Just going through the whole boot camp regime will not only have had a positive impact on your physical issues, the new confidence you gain will help you to tackle other issues you may have in your life.

Support is available

Training in a group in boot camp has advantages too. Since all of you will be working towards the same goal, each person will try to motivate the other if frustration sets in. Training with a group is important as each one provides encouragement and motivation to the other. There is nothing like a support group to help making a fitness programme successful in a boot camp.

London Personal Trainer

I am John Jones, a professional London Personal Trainer with over 10 years of experience in the field of fitness training and management. I always had a keen desire for overall fitness. As a youngster, I often indulged in sports and other physical activities to help me stay fit. During holiday season, I often went on long runs, hikes and walks in order to build muscle and stay fit. The more active you are, the better your overall metabolic activity.

It is this love of fitness that made me become part of the fitness industry. I first started working in a premier gym in the UK, close to my hometown. It was a good learning experience. I observed how trainers trained their clients. It made me get a better understanding of how professional trainers understand their clients and then teach them the exercises best suited to their fitness need.

After spending more than 4 years learning the trade, I decided to add to my qualifications. I pursued a degree in fitness and diet management. The two go hand in hand when it comes to overall health management. Without a balance of both, you will either remain unhealthy or not achieve your fitness objectives.

I can be hired as a London Personal Trainer to help you achieve your fitness goals. I am trained in different kinds of exercise techniques. I can teach you boot camp workouts, to normal free hand workouts and even aerobics style exercises. Every exercise regime can offer you its own benefits. By performing a balanced mix of all, you will end up enjoying your workout session because there will be something new to look forward to every day!

I also work with premier gyms in the London area and help them plan their exercise routines sometimes. I teach their new trainers the tricks of fitness too. At the end of the day, experience and expertise matter in this industry as in any other. I am happy to say that over the years I have gotten both. As a qualified London Personal Trainer, you can rely on me!