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A Personal Trainer’s Guide to Doing Push Ups Correctly

If you are looking for a total-body exercise that works on your lower body and core while increasing your strength, then push-ups are just for you! Being a bodyweight exercise, push-ups can be done anytime, anywhere without requiring any exercise equipment. Moreover, there are hundreds of variations that you can add to make your daily workouts more exciting.

A Dubai personal trainer can show you how to do push-ups correctly so that you derive maximum benefit from this super-effective workout. When choosing a personal trainer certification, you must always look at the reviews to ensure past students are happing with the qualification.

Master the Position Correctly

A pushup is a fairly simple workout involving a few, easy steps. However, it can be deceptively tough; considering the fact that you have to maintain a correct posture throughout. Many people just let their body sag in order to reduce the effort but that just about defeats the purpose. Pushups can be extremely demanding and exhausting even for seasoned workout enthusiasts.

If you have never done pushups before or would like to add variety to your regular pushups, a personal trainer is the one to go to. S/he will show you how to do pushups correctly and also incorporate varieties so that you really enjoy doing this strenuous workout.

Begin in the Plank Position

The first step to a perfect pushup is to attain the high plank position. This means your body should be positioned above the ground as a straight line just like a plank. Both arms should be kept straight and touch the mat with fingers pointing outwards. In fact, it’s your arms that support all your weight in this position.

To attain this position, place both hands firmly on your workout mat; under your shoulders. Depending on how comfortable you are, your hands should ideally be placed slightly wider than the width of your shoulders. Remember to stare straight ahead and not downwards. As your personal trainer will tell you, if you have done the perfect pushup then it’s your chin which should touch the workout mat first and not your nose. If you want to hire a personal trainer, first you must consider the Personal Trainer Dubai prices.

Position the Toes

Your toes provide stability to your body while working out in the plank position. Hence, it is important to place them correctly so as to get maximum leverage. Position feet at a comfortable distance from each other and let the toes touch the mat. Feet can be placed at shoulder-width distance or can be touching each other. However, the wider you keep your feet; the more stability they provide during pushups.

Lower your Body

Keep your arms firm and straight; clench both butt cheeks; brace your abdominal muscles and lower your body steadily from the high plank position. Stop once you are low enough and your elbows make a ninety degree angle.

In the beginning, this is the lowest you might be able to do comfortably. With increasing strength and flexibility; you may aim for lower angles till your chest (but not the face) touches the mat. Always remember to keep butt firmly clenched so that they do not sag or stick out. Also, elbows should be kept close to the body and should not jut out.

Exhale slowly and return to high plank position to complete one pushup.