Five Exercise Mistakes to Avoid

Starting an exercise programme is an important way to stay fit and healthy. Being fit you will be more energised, stronger and in general in a happier frame of mind. Staying fit will also help in lowering your chances of contracting chronic ailments like diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

However, you also need to realise that when you start an exercise programme you have to do so with care and avoid many common mistakes people who regularly exercise, make. So having a Dangerously Fit online personal trainer to guide you will be extremely helpful.

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Not doing a warm-up

Warming-up before an exercise routine is very important. It helps to prime the nervous system, not suffer from premature fatigue and skipping heartbeats. A personal trainer will also tell you that warming up will help you to avoid any injury while exercising. Warming up consists of doing light activity which will help you to sweat a bit. Movements like arm circling, walking, squats etc. can be used as warm-up exercises

Do not avoid strength training

Many people think they are too old to do strength training. In actual fact, even if you have reached middle age, it is important to work out your muscles on a regular basis. If you have not followed such an exercise routine when younger, by the time you reach 70 years your tone and muscle strength will be on the decline, and this decline will continue till you are in your 80s.

Strength training as will be advised by a personal training fitness coach helps the muscles to stay strong and elastic; it also helps to build strong tissues, ligaments and tendons and improved muscle tone. This is what helps in the autumn years of life, having the ability to maintain body position because of good connective tissue and muscles. It can also help in preventing Alzheimer’s in later life.

Using a personal trainer

As mentioned above it is wise to use the services of a personal trainer when you want to achieve your fitness goals. The trainer will guide you in an exercise programme that will suit your personally with regard to duration and intensity.

He will also show you the proper techniques when it involves exercises like free weights and squats. A personal trainer will also assist you to keep track of your progress and push you towards achieving your goals. So do not make the mistake of trying to plan and exercise on your own.


Many people think that if they only go for long runs or do aerobics that these exercises are adequate forms for staying fit and healthy. Though such exercising does help, you would need a more effective form of cardiovascular training. If you like running as endurance training, you will need to run for at least one hour. This type of running will put stress on your heart and as a result your muscle will become stronger.

However, overdoing it can have a reverse effect. So instead of just concentrating on running, you should go in for other activities which are safer and which will lead to overall fitness and weight loss.

A Dangerously Fit online personal trainer will advise you that the best way to work out is to exercise at a high intensity level with periods of rest in-between. This type of exercising is known as HIIT (high-intensity training.

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